What's Behind the Hype and What on Earth is the KDP 4 B2B Method?

Hello there!

I'm Tammie Chrin, Nice to meet you!

I am passionately dedicated to helping you pave your way toward building a passive income via KDP self-publishing of low-medium content books. This is a chance for you to regain your freedom and eliminate the cycle of trading precious time for money.

Having successfully navigated the self-publishing industry since 2018, my specialty lies in low-content books via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). After establishing my own profitable business, I chose to empower others by demystifying the creation and marketing of low-Medium content books.

My entrepreneurial journey started at 22 years old with a hair salon in Sonoma, CA, and continued for 30 years. In 2014, anticipating our move to Colorado, my husband and I successfully ventured into Amazon sales. In 2017, we stumbled upon KDP self-publishing, setting the stage for my next entrepreneurial venture.

I leveraged my past experiences to create branded booklets for businesses, resulting in the wildly successful KDP 4 B2B initiative.

Today, I am proud to share this unique approach and provide opportunities for others to create recurring income streams with KDP, using the KDP 4 B2B method and more.

Together, let's redefine your financial future and embrace the freedom that KDP self-publishing offers.

Embrace the movement - your journey to success starts here!


My Joy & My Why!

From left to right: Luke, my son-in-law; Alex, our beloved daughter,

Kennedy, our first grandchild, myself, and my wonderful husband, Rob.

Lake Tahoe, Ca 2023

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